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I'm so looking forward to meeting you!! I am super easy going but also a planner.. if those two things even make sense together! Basically I am always looking ahead and usually have a plan but am also down to go with the flow! I am engaged to my favorite person and we have a few pups that I adore! I am all about being creative and definitely get into my fair share of DIY projects! I also love to travel/ go on adventures and as I mentioned am obsessed with our pups, if I could take them everywhere I definitely would! Most days getting lost in TV shows is my guilty pleasure or just being outside-- love me some good weather and sunshine! 

I have always loved photos and have been the "girl the takes too many photos" as long as I can remember. Photos for me are a way to freeze little moments in time that then tell a story about you and where you have been which I just love! As we grow up life becomes more and more about little things which is why I want each session to be an experience where you laugh and have fun while I capture what is important to you! One of my favorite things is to get lost in my camera taking pictures and creating memories you want to remember! Therefore, I do a wide range of photography sessions from engagements to weddings to families to pets or just for fun! I don't specialize in one area because I want to capture any and all moments that are special to YOU. Every session is so unique which truly makes my job so fun!!

My approach to photos is keeping my images as natural as possible, therefore I do not overly edit my pictures and try to keep them realistic to what I saw that day. I find true beauty in keeping the images natural and real.For me, photography is all about capturing moments that are real and pure that you will love and cherish for years to come! I believe photos are the best way to hold on to the memories we love with the people we love!
I also am a big believer in helping others when you can -- so I do donate a portion of every session to charity!


Hi there! I'm Juliann

My Journey


Photography is a creative outlet that I do part time and absolutely love!

I come from the event planning world which actually lead me to find my love for photography! I joke that I am not sure if I found photography or it found me!

Outside of being a photographer..

I have two bachelor's degrees, one in Business and one in Spanish and a Certificate in Event Planning from the University of Iowa. So when I am not snapping photos I am coordinating events for University Catering at the University of Iowa!

Where it started...

  • I took a few photography classes the last semester of my undergrad to support my event planning career and before I knew it I decided I wanted to open my own photography business. 

  • I went to Disney for an internship and was a PhotoPass Photographer at Disney World. I photographed all 4 parks both characters and landmarks. I definitely miss Disney but do not miss the heat!

  • I opened my business in January 2019 in the Chicagoland Area 

  • Then moved to Iowa City with my fiancé in October of 2019 -- got settled in, covid hit and well you know the rest!​


Where I am at now...

  • Getting back at it​-- building a business is hard as it Is, but moving makes it a little harder but I am so here for it and can't wait!! I am still accepting sessions in Chicago area from time to time but my home base is Iowa City and the surrounding areas! Though, I still definitely travel, I am always looking for an excuse to explore a new place! 


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Here is a fun interview that I did May 2020 with Miro Kostov with Wheatland Realty in the Plainfield area. He did such a great job putting this together! If you are looking to learn more about me or my business-- this will give you great insight to who I am, why I love photography and how I run my business! 

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