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Welcome to my Blog!

"If your not passionate about it-- it's not worth writing about"
It has been a long time coming, but I have finally decided to start blogging instead of just saying "I'm going to start blogging". I plan on not only using this space for things related to photography but also to talk about experiences I have had in my life or things I think are important to talk about. I think the key to not only being a good business owner but a good person in general is just being real and genuine and letting people see that side of you.
So here goes the start to my blog, one thing I can promise you is that it will probably not be consistent because my life tends to get hectic once in awhile-- but I will be posting blogs on here from time to time in hopes of teaching you more about me, my business and life in general.
I told myself about two years ago that if I ever started a blog my first one would be about my experience visiting Thailand and not only interacting with elephants but learning more about them because this experience really changed how I view the world-- so here goes...
Side note: I debated about how to best write this blog for the longest time (over a year) but I decided to just get the words out and share it because I think it will open a lot of peoples eyes the same way it opened mine.

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