Info- Babies / Newborns

For both babies and newborns, I allow at least 1.5 hours for each session to have time for feeding (if necessary) and to take breaks to sooth the babies if they are not as big of fans of the photos as we are. This ensures that I will have time to get their attention and get some beautiful shots of them, both looking and smiling at the camera-- I also have some fun camera buddies (see an example on the right-- characters that go around my lens) to get them to smile and to make my camera a little less scary!

My newborn sessions are typically done in the client's home on an open wall near a window-- I will bring lighting and backdrops, though I prefer to use as much natural light as possible (sometimes I will bring props or just use what you have-- sessions seem to be most successful when we go with the flow). I prefer to position babies, especially newborns as natural as possible because safety is my first priority and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during the session! I also love to capture moments of parents and their babies/ newborns because those are always such special heartwarming moments you'll want to remember.

Camera buddy Example


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