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Newborns - Babies - Kiddos

Session Info

Newborn/ Babies--

  • These photos sometimes take time but are so worth it! With each session I give time for feeding (if necessary) and to take breaks to sooth (I know babies are not always as big of fans of photos as we are).

  • I also use camera buddies when necessary (fun little creatures like Cookie Monster or Olaf that go around my lens) to get them to smile and make my camera not seem so scary.

  • Newborn sessions typically take place in your home-- all I need is an open wall near a window and I got the rest (lighting, backdrops, etc.)

  • When placing newborns I try to place them as natural as possible-- safety is my first priority and I want everyone to feel comfortable.


  • Kiddos are so much fun-- they always have so much personality and their smiles and laughs are priceless.

  • Having kiddos take photos with siblings, cousins or friends is always great too because they tend to be more comfortable around each other.

  • Outdoor lighting is my favorite and gives us so much to work with especially if we go to a local park or go on a little hike, though sessions can be done indoors too.

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