Info- Families

Family photos are so precious, whether it is an excuse to get everyone together or for the family holiday card, family photos are so much fun! It is always great to see families come together and capture so many different personalities in one picture. My favorite is also getting those siblings who are usually fighting to come together and give each other a big hug and show some love (I know mom and dad cherish these photos as well).


My main goal with family sessions is just to get everyone together and photograph all the little things while making sure you are all having some fun together because that is what families are all about. Mini sessions are usually more posed photos, while regular sessions are both posed and candid photos. Family reunion photos also tend to be more posed (unless we have some extra time). Though, no matter which session you choose, we will have a blast and make memories you will hold near and dear where everyone was together, laughing and having fun -- even if mom made you all wear matching shirts!

Family Reunion Photo Collection

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