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Here is a fun interview that I was recently asked to do by Miro Kostov with Wheatland Realty in the Plainfield area.

He did such a great job putting this together! If you are looking to learn more about me or my business-- this will give you great insight to who I am, why I love photography and how I run my business! 

You can also find more info below in the "My Journey" section below!


My Journey

I come from an event planning world and love planning events-- so my main experience is events and I have two bachelor's degrees, one in Business and one in Spanish and a Certificate in Event Planning from the University of Iowa -- Go Hawkeyes!


However, I found my love for photography or it found me--I'm not really sure--and have let it take off! It all started when I decided to take a photography class the last semester of my undergrad to support my event planning career. I never expected to love photography as much as I did, I just thought it'd be useful to have that knowledge when I went on to my career as an event planner. Through each project I grew to love seeing the world through my camera and before I knew it I decided I wanted to open my own photography business. Along the way I gained a different perspective of photography from my position as a PhotoPass Photographer at Disney World. I am also always learning new things in my free time, whether that is reading articles, watching videos, taking classes, etc.-- I feel that no matter what stage you are at in your career you can always learn new things and grow.

So, currently I spend my days planning events for University Catering at University of Iowa and taking photos part time-- as not only do I love my career but this business is a huge passion of mine as well!

I am currently accepting bookings for the rest of 2020 and 2021!

Some background..

  • My business opened in the Chicagoland area January 2019

  • Has since moved down the road to the Iowa City Area as of November 2019

  • Therefore, I am located primarily out of Iowa City, IA -- however, I am still an active member of the Plainfield Chamber and do accept bookings in the Plainfield/ Chicagoland area (great excuse for me to travel back and see some family)


If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me either via the contact tab or email: juliannalysephotography@gmail.com

My Photography Style--

  • I'm a super easy going and believe photos should be more than just "say cheese", they should be an experience that you enjoy with your loved ones and have fun doing

  • I try to get to know all my clients the best I can before each session because I want them to feel comfortable in front of the camera-- just a few friends and a camera making memories

  • I love to capture candid moments along with posed ones-- I want your photos to tell a story about who you are

  • During every session I will do all that I can to get your little ones to laugh or your partner to crack a smile

  • Individual shoots are great too, I love the chance to have the focus be on one person and get great shots showing who they are, whether they use them professionally or for fun-- Individual shots for me are a great way to build confidence and I feel everyone can use a reminder that they're great from time to time

  • I am truly a photography enthusiast and love any chance to pick up my camera and let my creativity run wild

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