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My Journey

Photography is a creative outlet that I do part time and absolutely love!

I come from the event planning world which actually lead me to find my love for photography! I joke that I am not sure if I found photography or it found me!

Outside of being a photographer..

I have two bachelor's degrees, one in Business and one in Spanish and a Certificate in Event Planning from the University of Iowa. So when I am not snapping photos I am coordinating events for University Catering at the University of Iowa!

Where it started...

  • I took a photography class the last semester of my undergrad to support my event planning career and before I knew it I decided I wanted to open my own photography business. 

  • I went to Disney for an internship and was a PhotoPass Photographer at Disney World. I photographed all 4 parks both characters and landmarks. I can honestly say I miss disney but not the heat!

  • I opened my business in January 2019 in the Chicagoland Area 

  • Then moved to Iowa City with my fiancé in October of 2019 -- got settled in, covid hit and well you know the rest!​


Where I am at now...

  • Getting back at it​-- building your business is hard as it is but moving makes it a little harder but I am so here for it and can't wait!! I am still accepting sessions in chicago area from time to time but my primary focus is Iowa City and the surrounding areas!



Here is a fun interview that I did a couple months ago with Miro Kostov with Wheatland Realty in the Plainfield area. He did such a great job putting this together! If you are looking to learn more about me or my business-- this will give you great insight to who I am, why I love photography and how I run my business! 

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